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Strange & Fascinating Facts About Famous Brands
Get the inside scoop on our most beloved products and services… amazing stories
on how they got their names, logos and looks… their fascinating histories… things you never knew about our famous brands…
  • The man with no advertising experience who created the most famous brand name in the world.
  • Why Hershey Kisses are called Kisses
  • What’s the best-selling cookie in the world?
  • Why are M&Ms called M&Ms?
  • The man who was honored for inventing nothing
  • Why Ivory Soap floats
  • Why the “Q” got into Q-Tips
  • The advertising campaign that made women’s hair coloring respectable
  • The odd reason why Budweiser beer got that name
  • What’s e-mail spam got to do with Spam lunchmeat?
  • The strange revolution that created a brand, and a state
  • How Post-It notes were invented by a man in a church loft
  • Why the inventor of the World Wide Web turned down billions
  • The famous companies named after little girls
  • David Buick couldn’t afford to buy a car named after him
  • The high school boys who created a billion-dollar product & wound up in poverty
  • What NASDAQ stands for
  • The man who invented credit cards
  • The bizarre connection between broccoli and James Bond
  • Why all telephones in America were shut off on purpose one day

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